new interior for TAKT headquarters

As part of the project Future Workplace, organized by Design denmark, we designed a new interior for TAKT's office space. The space was limited, and the big challenge was to design an interior that should accommodate workstations, meeting rooms, a lounge setting and a dining area for 20 people. 

In the new interior we also changed the floor plan to optimize the sound flow. By dividing the space into different zones, we optimized the way noise is perceived inside the office space. 

client | TAKT cph


TAKT uses the expression "Home is a feeling" in their work with design and production of furniture. The expression is part of their brand DNA and we have worked purposefully with the new interior design to accommodate this feeling. As an element to achieve this, we have used artificial lighting and have defined a detailed lighting plan. 


A huge challenge in the office space, is noise from telephone conversations and a need for storage of furniture and other elements. Therefor we designed a multi-box, that includes both telephones booths and shelving system. 


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